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Slot Main stat Description; 2: SPD: ... in Summoners War, he is best runed with Swift runes set since his first ... in Summoners War. Windy rune build Speed ... Summoners War GB10 Team Guide (Beginner To Speed Team) Most of your team should be built on Swift/Focus or Swift/Energy with Speed/HP%/HP% main stats on your slot 2/4 ... we discuss cutting edge Summoners War strategies ... Guide to Runes – Summoners War - The hardest aspect of Summoners War is rune management. There are a number of great resources ... With 42 speed on Slot 2 you still need 14 Speed per remaining rune.

Summoners War - Test Pungbaek in G3 rank - Ep.124. 17:46.quality, 5/6 stars unmaxxed runes, I've gotten questions on how to stat these teams so i'll post minimums STATS TO SHOOT FOR - Tarq - Vio/X - Shoot for +70 speed minimum, 70 crit and crit damage slot 4. speed slot 2 if you have to.

Summoners War | Rune | Slot Summoners War - Rune - Slot There's 6 different Rune Slot for each Monster! Each Rune have its own Slot and any Summon Monsters can have 6 different Runes, 1 for each 6 Slots. Some Rune Slot will possess their own unique Stat and Sub-Stat! What to do now ? | Summoners War Q&A I would suggest farming GB10 to improve the Spd stats on Vero and Bella. Meanwhile, you can start fusing Sigmarus which will be your DD on your DB10 team and speed up your GB10. A standard DB10 team: Sig(L), Vero, Bella, Megan, +1. The 5th slot ideally is Verde, if you don’t have him, go for Bernard (needs to be 6 star to survive) or Spectra. Fire Pioneer (Chiwu) - Summoners War Guide

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Summoners War Rune Guide (Stats, Locations, & Builds) - SWMasters Oct 4, 2018 ... In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about runes. .... based main stat on slots 2,3,6 unless you are going for speed in slot 2. Summoners War Best Rune Guide - Summoners War Ratings Guide

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Summoners War v3.6.2 which add unlimited Gold,Iron and Diamonds to your devices application in just one second.Basically runes that modify more dmg. 2. Do all runs in x1 speed, with the exception of SD, HOH, and TOAYou are Downloading Summoners War v3.6.2 Latest APK 3.6.2. Summoners War Rune Slots 1 2 3 4 5 6 The best Rune guide in Summoners War! Learn how to optimise, power up, and choose your runes effectively!Today we discuss in great depth how all of the rune slots work, what you should be focusing for in runing your monsters for maximum potential, etc.

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Summoners War cheats,Summoners War hack tool ios download.Use xmodgames Summoners War mod,have fun! ... Summoners War. 1.Multiply Attack 2.Multiply Speed 3.Limit ... [Bounty] 40 USD for Summoners war script request | AnkuLua Forum Keep only 5* Hero or Legend runes with speed substats or are speed rune 2 , selling slot 2 with speed substats and only keep slot 2 speed mainstat examples: Keep all 6* rare and above runes IF they are speed mainstat rune 2 or have speed substats for 1,3,4,5,6. Speed NB10 safely | My Summoners' War Travels She’s my fastest attacking unit to just clear the crystals and leave the attacking of the golems by the liches and fire harpy to clear up with their multihits focusing on 2 or 3 units. Lucasha – My next mover that can clear the 2 remaining golems on the first stage with her 3rd skill. Summoners War: Sky Arena – Top 25 Tips, Cheats, Strategies ...

Water Lightning Emperor (Bolverk) - Summoners War Ratings Guide Stats Grade Level Min Lv. 35 Min Lv. 40 Normal HP 4635 7875 6300 10710 ATK 299 509 407 692 DEF 247 420 336 571 Awakened HP 5280 8955 7170 12180 ATK 314 533 426 725 DEF 261 444 355 604 SPD CRI RATE% CRI DMG% RES% ACC … Wind Dragon Knight (Leo) - Summoners War Ratings Guide Stats Grade Level Min Lv. 35 Min Lv. 40 Normal HP 4635 7875 6300 10710 ATK 295 500 400 681 DEF 252 428 342 582 Awakened HP 5130 8715 6975 11850 ATK 309 525 420 714 DEF 276 468 375 637 SPD CRI RATE% CRI DMG% RES% ACC … Step-by-Step, Chapter 24: Rift Dungeon – Light Beast Chapter 24 of our player progression series is about clearing the Light Beast in auto-mode with at least “Rank A” result. In the last few chapters, we were able to farm Fire, Ice, and Wind Beasts that allowed us to summon the Homunculus …